Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekly Chat

I'll be launching a chatroom every Sunday night (9 EST, 6 PT) for anyone who wants to talk screenwriting. You can check it out here:Writers' Lab

I'm also thinking about bringing this blog back on a somewhat regular basis, to try and help screenwriters of all levels work on their craft and maybe get some exposure. Let me know in the comments (or via email) if you'd like to help out along with any ideas you may have for it.

- R.D.

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  1. I am not a screenwriter - but I want a really great screenwriter to write a Screenplay, Synopsis and Pitchfor my Sci Fi novel of Interstellar Travel and Adventure across 5 planets including the Earth and then pitch it successfully to a producer/director like Nolan/Spielberg - so the question arises as how on earth can I find one. The link to my Book is - I am writing for Name and Fame, so I really can't afford too much, but am sure that the Screenplay writer can have a sharing contract with me when the movie is finally made into the blockbuster I imagine it will surely be


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