Friday, December 7, 2012


How It Works

Email Rob the first ten pages of your feature length screenplay (in pdf. format) along with a logline and title. Every Friday, one of our reviewers (or guests) posts one writer's work along with notes and a:


Trash It (Start over.)
Take Another Pass (You're onto something, but it needs more work.)
More Please (I'm hooked. What happens next?)
Somebody Shoot This!

Readers then comment on your work.

On the first Friday of every month, we'll feature some short films and visual pitches in lieu of posting pages. 

There were no new pitches this month, but you can check out the old ones here.

Here are four shorts that came across my Twitter feed recently. I haven't watched them yet, so let me know what you think.


"We've got a problem." Another great sci-fi action short film to catch, this one we promise is entertaining. From directors Eric Ramberg and Jimmy Eriksson comes a sci-fi story set in 2027 titled Memorize, in a world where everyone has "Memorize-chips" implanted that record everything in an attempt to cut down on crime. Watching this, it kind of has a Minority Report or Gattaca feeling, with modern day action like Dredd. One reader who sent this in references video games: "A dash of Max Payne, a dash of Syndicate. Also, oddly like a futuristic Law & Order or CSI." That's true too, but it's pretty damn good. Check this out! -  FIRSTSHOWING.NET

Memorize - Short Film from Jimmy Eriksson on Vimeo.


A traveler in Washington DC gets a mysterious gift: an Ultrabook that grants all his wishes. How will he wield his unexpected powers?  Vimeo Staff Pick.

Eugene, directed by Spencer Susser (feat. Michael Govier and Karolina Wydra) from Intel & W Hotels on Vimeo.


In the not too distant future, Earth is occupied by a hostile alien race that's aggressively searching for a missing alien artifact -- a sphere that contains an infinite source of powerful energy. When a resistance fighter gains possession of the sphere, he races to unlock the energy it contains in order to eradicate the alien forces and return Earth to humankind.

THE SPHERE from Nicholas Militello on Vimeo.


Revelation Film Project is an experimental art film project. The piece is ensemble-generated, working without a script.

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